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The Ultimate Guide to Caring For Working & Irrirated Hands and Dry Skin

How to get rid of dry cracked hands when you work in the medical field?

Medical workers and caregivers who often have to treat patients, can end up with very dry hands. This can cause pain and discomfort when they're working. My partner is a physical therapist and I know first hand how rough his hands can get from this kind of work. Here are some ways he relieves his dry hands that I can share: applying a thick layer of moisturizer frequently, wearing gloves with ointment under them to keep the skin hydrated, soaking hands in cold water with added oatmeal or honey, and using lotions rich in oils like coconut or almond oil.

Here in Earth Melody we have a solution for you . Our body butter cream is specifically made for that.

Our body butter creme specifically caters to caregivers who suffer from cracked dry skin. It is made without silicone and petroleum. Infused with botanical healing plants such as calendula, comfrey, chamomile, and wormwood to soothe painful itchy skin. In additional to that, it has high-quality butter, aloe vera, glycerin, and silica from bamboo extract, vitamin E and B to heal and soothe dry skin. The best thing is - it is absorbed quickly, so you can still work between patients. We also have fragrance-free option.

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