How do I check the status of my order?

We will email updates when the product is processing, shipped with tracking number via emails.

Can I cancel my order?
When you placed an order and changed your mind. Please email us immediately within 12 hours. If the order is still processing, we maybe able to cancel it for you!

Will your product melt?

Some products including balms and deodorants may melt in transit in temperature over 95F degree. In Summer, we will ship from Monday to Wednesday to ensure the order won't sit too long in the postal truck. If the order was placed on Thursday to Sunday. We will ship out on the following Mondays.


What is the shipping time and processing time?

All orders are being processed by 1-5 days. The holiday season including Memorial weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas processing time may take longer to 5-10 days. Shipping time is different and depends on the postal office. Postal office delivery is subject to change depending on the season. Please place an order ahead of time if you are trying to get it delivered with in a certain date.


Is your product natural?

Yes, we make our products with naturally derived ingredients or ingredients are certified with EcoCert. For more information, learn more here:


Is your product organic?

Not all ingredients are organic as they need to be paid to be certified. Some of the ingredients are sourced from an organic farm.

How does it make?

I make these in my sterilized lab. Everything is in small batches to ensure quality.

Do you customize products for my skin type?

Yes, I offer consultation and can customize the formula but depends of quantity. Email me for more information.

I really like the product but is out of stock!

Thanks ! Please email me so I can make this a priority to put back in stock!

Do they have preservative? What is the shelf life?

Yes! Products contains water will required preservative, however all our preservative is naturally derived (either from sugar cane derived, probiotic) and EcoCert. The shelf life for all of our products is 1 year. Balms and deodorant is 2 years.

Return and Refund policy

Please refer to our return and refund policy page.



Shelf Life

all our product shelf life is 1-2 years. All made in small batches, freshly made.

We take seriousness and pride at what we do. Third Party Testing (preservative test) has been performed. We make sure those are safe, microbial, yeast, fungus, bacteria free for skincare products. PET Result can be found here.