4 Shades of Natural Skincare

Great interview from Formula Botanica : What is natural skincare mean?


1st Shade -Purist form:

Ingredients such as oils, butter, and wax. A plant or seed is cold-pressed and maintains chemical shapes and structures. Skincare products such as balms, and anhydrous (no water containing) products.

2nd Shade- Naturally Derived:

Ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives, chelators, and solubilizers that have been naturally derived. Plants undergo various chemical interactions.  Ingredients often found in skincare products such as lotions, and creams consist of water and oil.

3rd Shade Nature identical:

Ingredients are not derived from nature and synthetically processed but it is identical in their chemical structure to the same ingredients found in nature. Such as citric acid, fragrance and sorbic acid. Usually, labs synthesize citric acid since the demand is so large in the world. Skincare formulations that use for PH adjusters and preservatives.

 4th Shade - Obtain from plants but mimic synthetic molecules.

An ingredient derived from plants based such as sugar cane base glycol. 

Glycol are often used in preservative boosters, solvents, and humectant. Originally glycol was derived from mineral oil and petroleum. However, chemistry has improved many years, so now it often obtains from sugar cane.


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