Power fruits Blueberry and Bilberry

Power fruits Blueberry and Bilberry

The benefit of super fruit blueberry & Bilberry

Power fruit blueberry

As many of you know Organic Blueberry and Bilberry (European relative of Blueberries) is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reduce the aging process of the eye. It also helps the brain to maintain focus. It also helps reduce cholesterol and manage blood sugar.

Since the high level of anti-oxidant, when used for a skincare product, gives tremendous benefit to our largest organ Skin.

As there is the wear and tear of the skin, including damage by UV rays and pollution. Your skin needs a powerful anti-oxidant to reduce the stress of the skin, which allows the skin to slow down the aging process. The study has shown blueberry seed oil can also prevent Blue ray damage from your phone, computer, and any screens!

In our skincare formulation, my favorite is the blueberry seed oil. It is a luxury and superior oil, highly effective, with a potent source of tocopherol, carotenoids, and anti-oxidants. It is a true powerhouse! I personally use Beauty Berry Face oil with 100% cold press blueberry seed after my moisturizer.

Wanting to try the benefit of Blueberry and Bilberry for your skin, see below!

Our Camelina Facial Mask included full strength of Bilberry extract, you can immediately see the result of plump hydrated skin after the first time.

Our Beauty Cleansing Bar has blueberry seed oil which nourishes the skin without drying out.

We have a mini tester to try out.Ā  It will be included in our Melody Bundle:


blueberry seed oil facial care kit



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